Krembangan Polsek Binmas Visits Security Guard PT Sriwijaya – Security Journal

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Binmas Polsek Krembangan Sambangi Satpam PT Sriwijaya - Jurnal Security | Surabaya – Panit Binmas of Krembangan Police, Tanjung Perak Harbor Police visited PT Sriwijaya’s security unit (Satpam) officers on Jalan Gresik, Surabaya, Tuesday (9/2).

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In his briefing, Ipda Eko Mustaghfirin said that the security guard on duty should always be vigilant, because criminal acts can occur at any time without being suspected.

Eko also reminded security guard personnel to always be humane to employees, leaders and guests.

In addition, he continued, regarding the new security guard uniform that is similar to the Police, it is hoped that the security guard personnel will not abuse it.

Eko also asked the security personnel on duty to always maintain their appearance so that they can boast about the Security Corps.

Meanwhile, the Krembangan Police Chief, Kompol Redik Tribawanto, said that the security guards must also be diligent in giving positive messages to the public in an effort to keep kamtibmas conducive.

“Not only to the security guard. Positive messages are also regularly conveyed to the general public, “he said. [lian]


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