KPKNL Jayapura Award 2021, Polresta Receives Award from KPKNL Jayapura – POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

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KPKNL Jayapura Award 2021, Polresta Receives Award from KPKNL Jayapura - POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

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Jayapura City Police – Jayapura City Police Resort received an award from the Jayapura KPKNL with first place in the State Property Management (BMN) / Asset management category.

The award was presented at the Jayapura City Police Headquarters Hall, Thursday (4/3) which was handed over directly by the Jayapura KPKNL Head Widiyantoro to the Jayapura City Police Chief, Kombes Pol. Gustav R. Urbinas, SH., S.IK., M.Pd.

Head of Jayapura KPKNL Widiyantoro said, Today’s award I give to the Jayapura City Police in the framework of one of our best working units to carry out and participate in the BMN revaluation program in 2021.

“What is our point is that the Jayapura City Police is one of the working units that has quite a lot of assets above one hundred. In carrying out revaluation activities, the team working at the Polresta is quite responsive, alert and fast. both from other work units, “he said.

Widiyantoro continued, we have carried out this revaluation from 2007-2008 and carried out again in 2017 to 2020.

“The first rank is the Jayapura City Police Resort, the second Jayapura City Disnav and the third KSDA Papua Center,” he said.

“I think this is the best moment for everyone, that at this time we need work units that are aware of the orderly assets of BMN, especially, this is an important moment that must be emulated by other satker so that all activities related to BMN can be paid more attention to by the satker leadership because every rupiah. that is issued by the state to buy assets we must maintain, from the moment we buy it until it is written off, ”explained the Head of KPKNL.

Meanwhile, after receiving the award, the Head of Jayapura City Police, Kombes Pol. Gustav R. Urbinas, SH., S.IK., M.Pd said that today the Jayapura City Police are very happy because we received an award from the head of the Jayapura KPKNL for the category of orderly revaluation of state property assets (BMN) for Polresta in category five awards annual.

“For that, as material for self-evaluation, that we have been working quite well in the management of State Property (BMN),” he said.

Kapolresta continued, hopefully in the future, by giving this award we will continue to be motivated to maintain and even improve better management.

“I also give this opportunity to appreciate and express my gratitude and highest appreciation to the Head of the Jayapura KPKNL office for the reward given to us in the 2021 KPKNL reward awarding agenda for the BMN revaluation category,” explained Kombes Pol. Gustav.

He also added, I hope all the KPKNL Jayapura performance can continue to be even better in working together, especially with related agencies as well as broad service to the community.

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