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Kapolda Papua Provides Assistance for Contact Facilities to 3 Houses of Worship in Mimika Regency – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Kapolda Papua Provides Assistance for Contact Facilities to 3 Houses of Worship in Mimika Regency - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Jayapura – Located at the Battalion B Pioneer Command Unit of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade, a handover of contact facilities in the form of generators and fans was carried out to 3 administrators of houses of worship by the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Mathius.D.Fakhiri, S.Ik and continued with face-to-face meetings with the main officials of the 2021 TNI-Polri Task Force Nemangkawi, Saturday (13/03).

The event was attended by Karo Ops Polda Papua Kombes Pol. Jeremias Rontini, S.Ik, Director of Intelkam Polda Papua Kombes Pol. Guntur A. Supono, S.Ik, Dansat Brimob Polda Papua Kombes Pol. Godhelp C. Mansnembra, KA OPS TNI Nemangkawi Brigadier General Tri Budi Utomo, Wakaops 1 Nemangkawi Kombes Pol. Kolopaking, Deputy Chief of Ops 2 Nemangkawi Kombes Pol M. Firman, Head of Intelligence Task Force Kombes Pol Jan WI Makatita S.Ik, Kaminops Nemangkawi 2021 Kombes Pol Ardiansyah Daulay, S.Ik., MH, Kaposko Ops Nemangkawi 2021 AKBP Male Premos, S.Ik, Mimika Police Chief AKBP IGG Era Adhinata, S.Ik and Danyon B Mimika Mobile Brigade Police Commissioner Ramadhona.

Kapolda Papua carried out a symbolic handover of aid to the administrators of houses of worship which were given to religious leaders Ustad Taslim (administrators of the An-Nur mosque), Ustad Munazik (administrators of the Al-Amin mosque) and Rev. Afronlinje Payai S.TH (administrators of the Otto Geisler Church).

The Papua Police Chief on his occasion said, “We should be grateful because we can still be given strength and health to be present together in order to provide assistance to places of worship which hopefully can be very useful in the implementation of worship.”

“Hopefully this gift can be used well in services both at mosques and churches so that we need to look after and take good care of church administrators and all soldiers who serve in Mimika Regency,” said the Papua Police Chief.

Mimika Regency is very busy with tribal wars, but from time to time it takes firm action so as to close the space for them and leave things that violate the law.

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Let us continue to maintain the existing security in Mimika Regency. The KKB began to disturb security in the Mimika Police Legal Area as well as in Papua so that those of us who carried out assignments had to be firm. I ask that we continue to uphold the cultural roots that exist in a place so that it can give high trust to the community. We really have to implement unit cooperation, we must remain one and we must realize it in the implementation of tasks in the land of Papua.

“I also hope that the assignment of colleagues in Papua must be serious and sincere so that there is no need to think about anything else because it is the duty of the leadership. Once again I say thank you very much to all who have been present. I hope that in the future we will remain enthusiastic in carrying out our duties in the Land of Papua, “said the Papua Police Chief.

The Papua Police Chief continued, to the religious leaders, should we continue to pray for us so that we will be given strength of faith and health so that the implementation of tasks can run safely and smoothly.

“Today I represent religious figures in Mimika, we would like to thank the Papua Police Chief for visiting and providing assistance to us in the form of generators and fans,” said Rev. Afronlinje Payai S.TH.

Our prayers for the Papua Police Chief that he can carry out his duties in a healthy and prosperous manner, of course our hope is that under the leadership of Mr. Fakhiri as the Papua Police Chief, we can bring prosperity to all members of the Papua Police and Brimob in carrying out their duties as servants, protectors and protectors of the community and be free from crime. Armed Criminal Group.

The activity ended with the submission of a certificate of appreciation and souvenirs to the representatives of Pam Rahwan personnel by the Papua Police Chief and continued with a group photo session.


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