Kapolda Asks Each Working Unit to Prepare a Work Plan Properly – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

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Kapolda Asks Each Working Unit to Prepare a Work Plan Properly - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

POLDA MALUKU – The Head of Maluku Regional Police, Inspector General Pol Refdi Andri, asked each Satker in the ranks of Polda Maluku to be able to prepare a good work plan.

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The request was conveyed by the Regional Police Chief when he opened the initial meeting of the Maluku Itwasda performance audit phase I in 2021 which took place at the Maluku Police Headquarters, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

Accompanied by the Deputy Head of Maluku Regional Police, Brigadier General Pol Jan de Fretes, and Maluku Irwasda Kombes Pol Raden Heru Prakoso, Kapolda reminded that the findings of the previous Wasrik must be resolved immediately. Moreover, these findings are repeated.

This person number 1 Polda Maluku said, every job everything from the beginning must be well arranged and planned, including accountability reports and so on. So that when the next Supervision and Inspection (Wasrik) is carried out, there will be no repeated findings.

“We are currently in a state of the Covid-19 pandemic, so a part of our budget is used for handling Covid-19 by returning ten percent of our budget to the country which of course will have an impact on our duties in service,” he said.

Therefore, this former Police Traffic Police officer hopes that every work to be done requires good and thorough planning. So that in managing the remaining budget, it can support the implementation of service tasks to the community.

“Prepare a plan for budget absorption properly and do good packaging in every activity,” he pleaded.

This two-star Polri general also emphasized to each Satker that all official activities must have a report.

He also asked each Satker not to withdraw budgets for which there was no accountability for their use.

Every activity implementation, he said, must immediately be made an accountability report quickly and reported to the leadership at the level of the work unit to the leaders above.

“Hopefully everything we will do later can run well as it is and be transparent without being covered up,” he said.

To note, the opening of the first phase of the Maluku Itwasda performance audit meeting in 2021 was attended by the main officials of the Maluku Regional Police, the Maluku Itwasda auditors and officials, BPKP representatives and officers representing the Kasatker.


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