Job opportunity- How to become a web developer

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Jobs in web development are predicted to increase at greater than the average rate, according to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

About the job

Web developers, or website developers, create websites for clients. They handle the nuts-and-bolts aspects of getting a website up and running. “They deal more with (writing) code,” said Mark Caron, co-owner of Scriptable Solutions, a website company based on St. Paul Street in Rochester. “Developers use a programming language of choice … they handle the technical aspects, the functionality. They’re more on the programming side, working with the platform and underlying code, server-side.”

Bacaan Lainnya

Web designers, on the other hand, generally oversee aspects like how the website looks and interactive features, Caron added.

With some companies, including Scriptable Solutions, the web developer also is heavily involved with what’s known as “search engine optimization,” or SEO – which equates to directing as many people as possible to the website.

Qualities needed

Computer savviness and ability to write code are, obviously, essential. Caron also mentioned qualities like attention to detail, the ability to work independently, being proactive and following through on tasks with clients, as well as performing well under deadline pressures.

Also key, Caron said, is good communication skills. “That’s huge in our work,” he said. “You’re dealing with a lot of clients. There’s a lot of back-and-forth with clients.”


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