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In Merauke, Police Successfully Secured Perpetrators of Underage Child Protection Cases – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

In Merauke, Police Successfully Secured Perpetrators of Underage Child Protection Cases - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Polda Papua, Merauke Police, – Head of Merauke Resort Police AKBP Ir. Untung Sangaji, M.Hum, through the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Merauke Police, Agus F Pombos, SIK confirmed that currently the Merauke Police are handling a case of child protection for minors, Sunday, 28/2/2021.

Officers from the Merauke Police Criminal Investigation Unit together with the Joint Investigation Police Unit investigated and arrested the perpetrator of child trafficking, a man with the initials W. Now he is in the detention room of the Merauke Police Headquarters to be legally responsible for his actions.

“The case occurred Tuesday, February 23, 2021 and was reported on Thursday (25/2),” explained the Head of the Merauke Police through the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Agus F Pombos, S.IK, in his office.

Now investigators are asking for information from the man who is suspected of being the perpetrator. Likewise with other witnesses, namely colleagues of the victim. The victim himself was put to work on one of the ships, which was headed by the teleport.

The perpetrator is charged with the article of trafficking in persons and / or employing minors in accordance with article 6 in conjunction with article 2 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 21 of 2007 on TIP and or article 185 in conjunction with article 68 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 13 of 2003, concerning Manpower.

Kasat Reskrim explained that the case was revealed when the motor boat (M) headed by the reported docking in emergency at Merauke Fishery Port, brought the body of one of the crew members, allegedly due to illness. After the body was evacuated to the morgue at Merauke Hospital, a doctor was examined, and there were no signs of violence on his body.

Then, officers from the Satpolair check the ship’s documents and clarify the witnesses / crew members of the ship. Apparently, it was found that one of the crew members (victim, red) with an identity according to KTP was born in Jakarta on January 19, 2003.

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The victim himself has been a crew on the ship since June 3, 2020, since the ship sailed from PPN Pekalongan. Thus, the victim while working on the boat was 17 years and 5 months old (still a minor). All crew members, too, are not equipped with a sea work agreement (PKL) and BPJS employment insurance.

Based on these findings, the officers immediately carried out the development of the investigation until finally they arrested the male perpetrator.


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