Important information on domain names reproducing trademarks under .sucks | Lexology

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Important information on domain names reproducing trademarks under .sucks | Lexology

We bring to your attention new controversial practices on .sucks domain names.

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This TLD was designed to promote freedom of expression and to give consumers and Internet users the opportunity to criticize brands, report abuse, defend causes, etc.

Recently, several decisions relating to UDRP complaints initiated by trademark holders ordered the transfer of the concerned domain names to the complainants; and the number of complaints against .sucks domains has been rising dramatically since the start of the year.

While until then, .sucks domain names that reproduce trademarks were offered for sale, many now display authorization codes to transfer the domains, which are publicly available. These codes allow everyone to gain control of any .sucks domain name.


By publicly displaying the authorization codes, the holder of the domain names deviates from the condition of bad faith use, necessary to succeed in a UDRP proceeding.

It is likely that .sucks domain names reproducing your brands are registered and are transferable to third-parties.

We draw your attention to the fact that these .sucks domains names reproducing trademarks are often categorized as premium domain names by Vox Populi, resulting in significant renewal fees.

Please reach out to us should you wish to acquire .sucks domain names or inquire about renewal costs.


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