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How Neuromarketing can press Buy Button in customer’s mind

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New Delhi [India], April 6 (ANI/SRV Media): Neuromarketing is a process that includes the direct use of brain imaging, brain scanning, and other brain activities measurement technology to measure a subject’s response to specific products, packaging, advertising, and other marketing processes. Neuromarketing is the combination of neurometrics, biometrics, and psychometrics.

When you see two different brand product advertisements with different designs, taglines, punch lines, information texts, warranty icons, and attractive offers, it creates different decision-making waves about that particular product in your brain. These decision-making waves are important factors to decide whether to purchase the product or not.

The decision-making wave is the combination of multiple objectives, such as your need, value proposition of an offer, price and affordability balance along with the impact of that product on your social status and personal life, and current state of your mind. However, it’s all about the calculations and algorithms that are driven by your senses.

Vision Raval, the author of an engaging and informative book “Neuromarketing Concept” has worked on many Neuromarketing projects for mid-size corporate clients on international and local platforms. In his book, he has mentioned an interesting fact that every human has three kinds of brain components in the human mind.

If you understand the nature of these three mind types, you will be able to evaluate all the advertisements with their impact mechanism and effectivity matrix on any human mind with volume and density. It will also help you predict the purchase proportions and perform A-B testing for closer results.

The majority of social media platforms have A-B testing, where you can find how good your advertisement is for viewer engagement. Identifying where the user looks the most, so that the right keywords, tagline, or brand logo could be placed in such areas for better audience connection.

One of the first neuromarketing researches was released in 2004 by Read Montague as a director of human neuroimaging at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

When you watch any social media video advertisements or newspapers or television advertisements of any products, the first thing that comes to your mind is an image with a visual appearance, and the next thing you do is read or listen to the contents which are bigger, louder and easy to read.

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The reptilian brain catches the visual impact of the product or service and decides to go for it or not. Once the reptilian brain pushes for the product purchase command then rational and emotional brains need to be convinced to buy it to complete the nod cycle.

For example, sometimes you wish to shop for something which is not on your checklist, but you find it rational and buy it. You went to the mall to buy a specific item and you bought three additional items that were not on your priority list, just because you found 20 per cent or 30 per cent off on a bigger quantity, so you will go for it as your mind creates a rational advantageand calculates the benefit for the same.

Here is a little activity to understand the concept better, check all the advertisements carefully during your watch time. you will find that the majority of luxury mobile phone or automobile vehicle companies will design ads that are more visually appealing to reach the customer’s mind.

At the same time if you see brands like chocolate or health products, food companies, whose advertisement concept reflects in their campaign which is more focused on emotional sentiments and human feelings driven objectives.

Fun elements of humour are the most popular way to get a high recall value for low-budget or offbeat products. So, brand placement based on category is planned into the advertisement based on psychological analysis of targeted customers.

“It matters how many times you see the same product around or the same product’s advertisement again and again. It tickles your memory strings and recalls the value proposition your mind has thought for the same. If you see advertisements more than 10 to 20 times the chances to buy that product is increased up to 73 per cent. That’s the reason social media offers “Remarketing” options for their potential advertisers. Many shopping websites show the product which you added to the cart on their dynamic advertisement feeds too. You can also find in 20-20 cricket matches the same advertisement gets repeated after every over just to improve recall value of the product,” said Vision Raval, the author of Neuromarketing Concepts.

According to the author, the scientific study of your targeted buyer’s brain behaviour can help to push the product immensely and effectively into the market. It increases the probability of a successful market penetration campaign for products and services.

Many AI-driven software defines the advertisement density based on a visual heat map of where the eyeball of the viewer stays more and impacts his three types of the brain in different densities of a push towards product purchase.

In conclusion, Vision Raval mentions that your brain is just like a child while it’s shopping, you are not sure in which mood it is during purchasing time and how it reacts towards decision making while looking at discount offers or packaging, until you study the detailed behaviour with advertisement recall value and persona to understand it completely.

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His project study observes up to 52 per cent of growth in consumer behaviour by using right brain trigger-based advertisement in some of the social media and offline marketing strategies with most of his clients since 2011.

He also delivers regular sessions on Neuromarketing to make both brand and consumer aware of this concept. So, before you buy your next product or service online or offline, please keep in mind the Neuromarketing strategies to evaluate it neutrally.

One can connect with Vision Raval atThis story is provided by SRV Media. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (ANI/SRV Media)



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