High School Student Forcibly Takes Away Her Girlfriend’s Honor – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

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High School Student Forcibly Takes Away Her Girlfriend's Honor - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

* Suspect Mode Invites to Meet and Play at Home

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RAWAS MUSI-I do not know what demon possesses the mind, AA (17), a high school student, is suspected of having committed the rape of IE (17), a high school student.

It is known that the two of them have a special relationship (dating). The lecherous action carried out by the suspect from Sadu Village, BTS Ulu District, Mura Regency, took place at the suspect’s house in Sadu Village, at around 11.56 WIB, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

Finally, in order to be accountable for his actions, the suspect was secured by members of the Ulu BTS Police then handed over to the Mura Police Headquarters, escorted by the suspect’s family, at around 13.00 WIB, Saturday (6/3/2021).

Based on the information obtained, the lecherous incident occurred allegedly when AA made an appointment to invite IE to meet at Simpang Sadu.

After meeting, then AA invited IE to play at AA’s house, then arrived at AA’s house.

AA called IE to approach him who was standing in front of AA’s room, then IE also approached AA, when he arrived in front of the room, AA immediately forced IE’s hand and immediately locked the room door.

AA immediately pushed IE until it fell onto the mattress, then the IE pants were forced open by AA, until the rape took place.

IE, had shouted for help, but was not heard because of AA, blaming the music speakers very loudly.

Furthermore, after that IE managed to get out of AA’s room, then IE returned home, and reported the incident to the Ulu BTS Police Headquarters to be processed according to the applicable law and hoped the perpetrator was detained according to his actions.

Meanwhile, Kapolres Mura, AKBP Efrannedy through Kapolsek BTS Ulu, AKP Harun Ashari when confirmed to confirm this, it’s just that the perpetrator has been detained to account for his actions.

“It’s true, there is a case of rape of a minor, it’s just that the perpetrator has been arrested,” said Harun, his greeting, at around 14.30 WIB, Sunday (7/3/2021).

The police chief explained that the suspect and the victim had a close relationship (dating), the suspect was handed over by the suspect’s family.

“Yes, the suspect is dating the victim, the suspect is handed over by his family to the police, at around 13.00 WB, Saturday (6/3/2021), but at this time the suspect is handed over to Mura Police, to deepen the case,” he concluded.


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