Governor Ridwan Kamil: In general there is no red zone in West Java

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Governor Ridwan Kamil: In general there is no red zone in West Java

Bandung, Monday (15/3/2021) Covid-19 policy coordination meetings and regional economic recovery in West Java Province were held at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters.

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Present at the event were the West Java Regional Police Chief, Pangdam III / Siliwangi, Head of West Java Kajati and other West Java Forkopimda figures.

The Governor of West Java said that the development of Covid – 19 in West Java in general did not have a red zone, cases also had a downward trend.

Ridwan Kamil also explained, “The villages that used to be red in micro status from last week reached three hundreds and now the result is almost 137, which has almost doubled.”

“From 80,000 RT, Last week there were around 3500 RTs with red status now to 640. So this PPKM is very appropriate, because it locks up problems on a small scale, without sacrificing a wider area. ” said Ridwan Kamil.

“So, we will continue to make sure until finally there are really no micro-red zones by strengthening the PCR, antigen, and isolation room testing at the RT level. “Said the Governor of West Java.

Ridwan Kamil informed that before vaccination cases, the cases of Covid-19 that had been affected by health workers tended to rise.

But after vaccination and phase two has been completed, almost one hundred percent of the cases that hit the health workers have decreased.

Is it because of being vaccinated for health workers who are struggling in the hospital, and health workers become more immune?

“Hopefully so, but according to case statistics for health workers in West Java, since vaccination this has seen a decline,” said Ridwan Kamil.

The level of compliance is also stable, the results of the report are above 80 percent, keep a distance of 83 percent, wear a mask of 85 percent, hopefully the targets of the West Java Regional Police are all above 85 percent.

From the hospital occupancy rate has also decreased. Today it is reported that there is only 54 percent left, even though yesterday it had reached 70 to 80 percent at the beginning of the year, it continues to show that because there is a correlation the cases are getting lower and the consumption of the hospital is also decreasing.

Then if we look economically, we are in the good category, namely, the economic impact is ultimately small and the mortality rate is low

So in this world classify the situation today, is the most concrete the economic rate and the mortality rate.

In terms of vaccination, Emil also said “this morning I had a meeting with the Ministry of Health on the use of Vaccination for the West Java public profession at first place, at most levels that have been injected, such as Journalists, TNI, Polri, Teachers.”

For the elderly themselves, said Ridwan Kamil, “West Java is in rank 3, therefore this Sunday we will maximize the injection of vaccination for dilansia.”

West Java needs 150 thousand injections per day, it turns out that the puskesmas is inadequate, therefore we need at least 40 large buildings to be able to force a mass of 2000 people per day.

“This means that we open to IOs in West Java to partner with the West Java Provincial Government to organize mass vaccinations and vaccines from us,” said Kang Emil.

“If this collaboration is successful, it will make West Java successful in administering vaccinations, but if there is no support for mass vaccination in large numbers, we are worried that the target will not be achieved, and the vaccines will soon expire,” Ridwan Kamil said.

What has expired so far has not happened in West Java, because vaccines are produced on a different date, which yesterday was busy in social media, in West Java, which expires on March 26, the 18th is about to run out.

“So actually please also tell the public don’t be afraid, don’t worry, in West Java there is no expired vaccine because the vaccines that have to run out on the 26th and 18th are also about to run out, for that we never violate the procedure.” said Ridwan Kami.

The Governor of West Java hopes that “I hope the PPKM Mikro will succeed, the cases will go down, the vaccinations will be successful, the economy will improve so that it can return to normal towards the end of 2021.” Yadi / Public Relations.


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