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GoDaddy (all of it) went down this evening – Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News

GoDaddy logo showing the heart-shaped design


All of GoDaddy — including its main website — went down this evening.

GoDaddy logo showing the heart-shaped design

GoDaddy had technical difficulties Tuesday evening that took down its entire network, including websites hosted on GoDaddy.

In a statement made Wednesday, GoDaddy explained the outage:

GoDaddy experienced a service outage between approximately 7:00pm-11:00pm PST last night. The outage was related to an error encountered during planned network maintenance and impacted multiple products and services. It was not a security incident. The issue was resolved by our team and affected customers immediately began seeing improved services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this disruption.

The main website was not resolving for a significant portion of the 7 PM PST hour, but the home page came back around 7:50 PM PST. Login functionality started working again around 8:20 PM PST.

As of 8:20 PM PST, some websites hosted on GoDaddy began resolving again. However, users reported continued difficulty later in the evening, and GoDaddy tweeted at 8:44 PM that there were still issues. It tweeted at 6:08 am Wednesday morning that the issue had been resolved.

Based on twitter chatter about the outage, the issue appears to have begun around 7:20 PM PST Tuesday. I received a site outage alert via WordPress JetPack at 7:27 PM PST. reported an increase in reports starting at about 7 pm this evening.

At 7:38 PM PST, GoDaddy tweeted that it was aware of the issue and was working on it:

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The network status page for GoDaddy is hosted on the domain and did not seem to resolve during the outage.



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