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Gathering with Persis, National Police Chief asks the public to eliminate polarization and unite to build the nation – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Gathering with Persis, National Police Chief asks the public to eliminate polarization and unite to build the nation - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION


BANDUNG – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo continued his series of visits. Together with his staff, the National Police Chief visited the head office of the Islamic Union or Persis on Perintis Kemerdekaan Street, Babakan Ciamis, Bandung City, West Java.

General Sigit was received directly by the General Chairperson of Persis KH Aceng Zakaria and the board of directors. This visit to Persis has actually been scheduled since the beginning Listyo was appointed as the Chief of Police, but for one reason or another he had the opportunity today.

“My arrival was accompanied by the West Java Police Chief, Assistant Chief of Staff, Head of Propam Division, Head of Public Relations, Deputy Head of Criminal Investigation, Deputy Head of District Police and Korwas PPNS,” said National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Tuesday (16/3/2021).

In a warm meeting with an organization that was founded in September 1923 in Bandung, the National Police Chief conveyed several things, including the exchange of views on how to eliminate polarization in society that occurred after the 2019 General Election and Presidential Election.

“How do we unite by eliminating polarization to build this nation,” said General Sigit.

On the other hand, the former Banten Police Chief hopes that the ulama can take a role and at the same time assist the police’s duties in protecting and maintaining community security and order (Kamtibmas). According to Sigit, the language of the ulama is considered to be more effective in socializing as well as educating the people.

“Borrowing the hands of a cleric to provide kamtibmas education so that it is easily understood by the people,” said the former Head of Criminal Investigation of the Police.

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Meanwhile, Ketum Persis KH Aceng Zakaria appreciated this meeting. According to him, this was the first time a National Police Chief was in touch with Persis.

According to him, Ulama should take a role in line with the vision and mission of the organization he leads. Persis, said Aceng, is an organization that always supports Umaro or a leader to make work easier.

“Exactly position themselves as the duty of the ulama to educate the nation and support the ummah,” added KH Aceng Zakaria.



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