Forms of Herbal MSMEs, This is Aipda Taufik’s Figure Breaking the Economy in the Middle of a Pandemic

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Forms of Herbal MSMEs, This is Aipda Taufik's Figure Breaking the Economy in the Middle of a Pandemic

Bogor, –The actions of a police personnel have no end. Like in the middle of the pandemic, a member of the Bogor Police Rumpin Police, West Java Police, broke into the economy of MSMEs, Wednesday (17/03/2021).

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West Java Regional Police Head of Public Relations Kombes Pol. Erdi A. Chaniago SIK, M.Si informed that Aipda Taufik Komarudin, who is the Head of the Head of the Rumpin Police, Bogor Police, formed a UMKM in the field of herbal medicine to reduce the symptoms of Covid 19.

Through the participation of her younger sister who is also a herbal medicine researcher, Aipda Taufik jointly created a covid 19 inhalant drug named Enviel.

“This idea came from myself, who observes that the number of Covid 19 spread is still quite high and is supported by basic scientific fields from families in the pharmaceutical field. By involving a number of community members who have become victims of layoffs due to this pandemic, we provide facilities for them to make and develop this Inhalant Oil Covid 19, by utilizing natural resources in the Rumpin District, Bogor Regency and several other areas “. Said Aipda Taufik Komarudin.

“This inhalant oil is made from essential oils and a mixture of other herbal plants that can reduce the symptoms of Covid 19”. Taufik continued.

“Regarding marketing, the inhalant oil we make is still limited because the permit has not been completed. However clinical trials and laboratory results related to this drug have been completed and come out with decent results ”. Said Aiptu Taufik.

“Of course, what Aipda has done on this topic, we really appreciate and are very supportive of innovation activities that have a good impact on institutions and citizens, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Hopefully in the future this activity can also encourage positive things for the community. ” Said Kapolres AKBP Harun, SIK, S. H

Kapolres Bogor Polda Jabar AKBP Harun, SIK, S. H also said “The role of the Police in the midst of this pandemic is quite a lot not only doing PPKM and Ops Yustisi, but also supporting and assisting the development of MSMEs in the midst of the Pandemic. So, it’s really good and a motivation for the other members ”. Said Kapolres Bogor Polda Jabar AKBP Harun, SIK, SH Yadi / Public Relations.


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