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Files of Two Online Gambling Suspects Enter the Prosecutor – Public Relations DIVISION OF THE POLRI

Files of Two Online Gambling Suspects Enter the Prosecutor - Public Relations DIVISION OF THE POLRI


MALTENG POLRES – Investigators from the Central Maluku Police Reskrim, officially handed over the case files for two online gambling suspects, to the Public Prosecutor (JPU) Kejari Masohi.

Central Maluku Police Chief, AKBP Rositah Umasugi said the case files for the two suspects were HJT alias Patent (30), and RAMT alias Rido (34).

“At around 14.00 Wit, stage one has been carried out to the Masohi District Prosecutor’s Office, for online gambling cases with case file submission numbers including numbers: T / 06 / III / 2021 / Reskrim dated March 3, 2021 on behalf of the suspect HJT alias Patent, then case file number: T / 07 / III / 2021 / Reskrim, March 03, 2021, on behalf of the suspect RAMT alias Rido, “said the Chief of Police to reporters in Masohi, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

According to the Police Chief, by submitting the case files to be investigated by the Prosecutor General Prosecutor Masohi.

“We are just waiting for the results of the research conducted by the prosecutor on the case files of the two suspects,” Umasugi explained.

The number one person in the Central Malteng Police hopes that there will be no more obstacles in the case file so that the case involving the two suspects can be resolved immediately.

“We’ll just wait, if there is a P19, then we will fix it and complete it, but when it is complete, then we just need to hand over the case files, suspects and evidence, for further trial,” said the former Tual Deputy Police Chief.

The woman with two jasmine on her shoulders admitted that the two suspects violated article 303 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code and / or article 45 paragraph (2) jounto article 27 paragraph (2) Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 19 of 2016 concerning amendments to Law Number 11 of the Republic of Indonesia. year 2008 concerning electronic information and transactions.

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For information, the two suspects were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Malteng Police at two different locations in Masohi City, in mid-January. The arrest of the two suspects was led by Ipda Rivaldi Said.

During the arrest, the police managed to confiscate a number of evidence, including 1 black Oppo A5 2020 brand cellphone, 2 BRI savings account books.

“Then 2 ATM cards, cash Rp. 305,000, 1 sheet of falling ball online gambling sidney lottery, 1 sheet of falling ball online gambling Singapore lottery, 1 sheet of falling ball list online gambling Hong Kong lottery, 1 pink pen, 1 hekter, 12 bundles of empty coupons, 19 sheets Hong Kong lottery installation coupons that have been sold, and 17 sheets of Singapore lottery installation coupons that have been installed, ”explained the former Head of Traffic Center for the Malteng Police.

The HJT perpetrator said the Police Chief, also used two websites and two accounts at the address of the online gambling site Kinghorsetoto. “The remaining balance in account I is Rp. 379,735, and the remaining balance in account II is: Rp. 763, “he explained.

Meanwhile, for RAMT perpetrators, the former Deputy Chief of Police of Southeast Maluku, his party also secured a number of evidence including, 1 HP Oppo Type A37 Silver color, one Bank Mandiri ATM card, one stamp pad, one stamp, Rp cash. 400,000, and one calculator unit.

“Then one hekter, one silver pen

  1. 10 blank coupons, 177 Hong Kong lottery gambling coupons that have been installed, the site address used is royaltoto, the remaining balance of the perpetrator on the online gambling site is Rp. 2,461,700, “said the Police Chief.



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