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Facing Extreme Weather, West Java Brimob Routinely Checks Landslide Prone Cliffs

Facing Extreme Weather, West Java Brimob Routinely Checks Landslide Prone Cliffs


West Bandung, – On weekends there are frequent heavy rains that are very long and very heavy which can cause flooding and landslides. For the Lembang area which consists of hills and mountains, it is located at an altitude that allows avoiding floods but is very prone to landslides because of the many cliffs that are prone to landslides.

A West Java Mobile Brigade Team Sar team was dispatched to patrol the Lembang area, especially cliffs and other disaster-prone areas and Brimob members checking off the cliffs in the Cikarembi Village area Sunday (07/03/2021).

From the results of soil monitoring there is land that is very prone to landslides if there is very heavy rain, it is possible that landslides will occur because the land has no more support.

The community is urged to stop excavating land / making fields with deforestation and it is also hoped that the community can protect themselves in case of very heavy rain so as not to approach this place because it is very dangerous.

West Java Police Mobile Brigade Dansat Kombes Pol Yuri Karsono, SIK also ordered Brimob Battalion B vanguard members “for the next 1 week to always patrol places prone to disasters because of this extreme weather fear of natural disasters and we can quickly help people. who were hit by a disaster because a matter of seconds could cost their lives, ”he said to the 2nd Battalion B vanguard.

Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, added that “this activity is a form of West Java Police Mobile Brigade Service for the community in presenting the State in the midst of society”.

“This is a form of West Java Police Mobile Brigade Bhakti, in this case in the West Bandung area, to create a sense of security and comfort as well as emotional closeness between Brimob and the community in anticipating disasters,” concluded Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono.

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