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Even though the Gedongan Region is a Green Zone, the Chief of the Mojokerto Police Ordered to Follow the 5M and Distribute 1000 Masks – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Even though the Gedongan Region is a Green Zone, the Chief of the Mojokerto Police Ordered to Follow the 5M and Distribute 1000 Masks - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION


Mojokerto Rises – A Form of Solidarity for the Forkopimda City of Mojokerto reviews PPKM Micro of Gedongan Village starting from Deputy Mayor of Mojokerto, Head of Mojokerto Police, AKBP Deddy Supriadi, SIK, MIK, and Dandim 0815 Mojokerto. Monday (15/03/21).

Implementing the Chief of Police’s priority program through strengthening the support of the National Police in handling covid-19 by reviewing the PPKM Micro-based Post of Gedongan Village, Mojokerto City, Deputy Mayor of Mojokerto, Kapolresta Mojokerto together with Dandim 0815 checking Isoman’s place, Medical Room, Prokes Equipment and 5M Appeal Banner accompanied by the Head of Gedongan Village.

In his remarks, the Head of Gedongan Village, Dewantara, was very grateful for the visit from Forkopimda City of Mojokerto, and conveyed several innovations such as the hearse used for residents’ needs.

In this visit, Dandim 0815 Mojokerto reminded, “It is necessary to be aware that Covid still exists, from the evaluation of Mojokerto Regency there are still yellow ones, so even though Gedongan is in the Green zone, you must pay attention to the 5M Health Protocol,” said Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Dwi Mawan Sutanto.

“Vaccination, please be carried out to receive vaccinations and do not believe hoax news, if you have ever seen and read someone whose mouth is tilted it is a hoax,” said Dandim 0815 Mojokerto.

The following is the remarks of the Mojokerto Police Chief by saying, “First I was greeted with a corpse carriage in front of the Posko. If the train is given a picture and writing, choose dead or healthy,” Suggested AKBP Deddy Supriadi.

3T which is carried out by the government and through the 5M health protocol, How can RTs control its exposed citizens, with this micro PPKM post Can the handling be faster.

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“Our careless points. When we meet colleagues, family or events where there is a meal, at that time we take off our masks so we have to be careful,” the Mojokerto Police Chief ordered

From the evaluation of the doctors, the treatment is 5M, so the hope is that it will become a new habit to always be prokes

“We should not be proud when our territory enters the green zone, but we are still vigilant,” said the Head of Mojokerto City Police.

In this active review at PPKM MIKRO Deputy Mayor Ahmad Rizal Zakariyah, SH said, it is true what was conveyed by the Head of Police, if in Gedongan Village from the start of the pandemic until now it is very orderly proven to have never been a red but yellow zone,

“Maintain what has been achieved until it becomes a pilot and objective of the Micro PPKM, one of which is that the handling is more focused in dealing with Covid-19.” Said Ahmad Rizal Zakariyah, SH

“Regarding vaccination, it is halal and good and the MUI has issued information that this vaccination does not invalidate fasting.” Concluded the Deputy Mayor of Mojokerto.



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