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Establish Kinship Pagaralam Police Chief Visits Residents of Lubuk Buntak – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Establish Kinship Pagaralam Police Chief Visits Residents of Lubuk Buntak - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Public Relations of Pagar Alam Police – From the results of monitoring by the Mumed Team in the field, on Friday 26 February 2021. The activity began with the distribution of health masks to the worshipers of the Nurul Huda Lubuk Buntak Mosque, Dempo Selatan District, then continued with Friday prayers in congregation with Khotib by Bpk. Mas Ari with the Imam of the Pagaralam Police Chief Akbp Dolly Gumara, S.IK, MH.

In accordance with the Jargonya Safaat Keramat (Jum’at Jalin Kinship of the Ummah) for his second visit, the Gempal-post Police Chief was welcomed by the mosque congregation.

In order to strengthen friendship by using the Malay accent, the Police Chief appealed to the congregation to always apply the Covid-19 Prokes in the 5 M way, namely wearing a mask, washing hands with clean running water using soap / Hand sanitizer, then maintaining distance, and reducing mobility, and avoiding crowds.

Pak Dolly also reminded “Currently the vaccination activities have been taking place, for the next stage it will be continued with vaccination for the TNI – Polri and the elderly community”.

“I have been vaccinated, Alhamdulillah it is safe. To residents, not to be afraid of vaccination, it is a shame for residents who do not want to vaccinate because it is for the common good”. The light of the Kapolres personal experience.

After giving the Appeal to the Head of the Police who was accompanied by the Head of the Pagaralam Police Department, AKP Saharuddin and the Head of the South Dempo Police, Iptu Zaldi Jaya, as well as the South Dempo Police Personnel provided assistance in the form of prayer mats, mukena, sarong and ablution sandals which were received directly by Nurul Huda administrators.

Not only that, the Police Chief and his entourage also visited Grandma Saidah, who was one of the residents of Lubuk Buntak who was directly affected by the corona pandemic.

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In this 65-year-old widow’s residence, Jumari (Friday Mari Berbagi) also carried out a health check and vitamin giving to Nek Saidah by Urkes Polres Pagaralam in collaboration with UPTD Bandar.

Before returning to the residence of the Police Chief and the entourage, he provided a little help in the form of basic necessities while praying that the Elephant Leg he suffered would soon recover and from the results of this visit it could reduce the burden on Grandma Saidah during the Covid-19 Pandemic, then advised if there were complaints to contact Bhabinkamtibmas Lubuk Buntak Brigadier Rolly.


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