Egyptian children with Down syndrome exhibit hand-made creations

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Egyptian children with Down syndrome exhibit hand-made creations

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An exhibition showing works made by Egyptian children with Down syndrome aims to emphasize that they can communicate and participate on an equal basis with others.

CAIRO, March 15 (Xinhua) — A four-day exhibition in Egypt’s capital displaying products made by children with syndrome concluded Sunday evening amid huge visitor turnout.

The event was held days ahead of the World Down Syndrome Day, which falls on March 21, to convey a message of solidarity and integration with people with Down syndrome, according to organizers.

The exhibition, organized by the Children’s Civilization and Creativity Center, also known as the Child Museum in Cairo, also included a number of cultural, artistic and entertainment activities.

© Provided by Xinhua

Dubbed “angels with Down syndrome,” the event is meant to emphasize that people with Down syndrome can communicate and participate on an equal basis with others, Mai Galal, executive director of the center’s program for children with disabilities, told Xinhua.

“We are keen to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge, and to enable everyone to defend equal rights for people with Down syndrome,” she said.

Galal said the event is held annually, noting that this year’s edition is different from previous ones due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Activities were always held indoors, but this year we decided to make them at the garden of the center amid tight preventive measures to avoid infections,” Galal pointed out.

Galal said the children were trained during the one-year program on how to make handmade items such as tableaus, home decorations, accessories and handmade table and bed sheets.

“They feel so proud when they see that people are impressed by their work. Visitors actually bought many of these items,” she said.

Peter Raafat, a teenager with Down syndrome, said he learned many skills during the one-year program at the center.

“I learned how to make handmade accessories and I have also become a professional salesman,” Raafat told Xinhua, smiling.

Raafat added that he also enjoys sharing his creative ideas with his colleagues, stressing that the center provided them with a chance that they cannot find elsewhere.

Despite the spread of the coronavirus, the four-day event witnessed a remarkable visitor turnout.

“I’m really impressed by the works of these angels. They have done everything professionally,” Hazem Ahmed, psychology teacher, told Xinhua.

Ahmed, who visited the exhibition with his wife and two children, noted that he knew about the event from a Facebook page.

“We did not only come to see the activities, but also to let the children with Down syndrome know that they are not alone and that they are an integral of the society,” he stressed.


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