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Efforts to Improve Investigators’ Ability in Linguistic Science, Polri Conducts Research on GASBIN – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Efforts to Improve Investigators' Ability in Linguistic Science, Polri Conducts Research on GASBIN - POLRI PRIVATE VISION


Onde Onde News – Mastery of forensic linguistics in law enforcement is very important. Because it involves the application of linguistic knowledge, methods and insights to the context of legal forensics, language, crime investigation, trials and judicial procedures.

This was revealed by the Head of the National Police Research and Development Center, Brigadier General Pol. Drs. Guntur Setyanto during the GASBIN Research “Action research on improving forensic linguistic abilities for Police investigators” at Polda East Java, Rabo (3/3/21).

National Police Research and Development Center, Brigadier General Pol. Drs. Guntur Setyanto revealed that the term forensic linguistics first appeared in 1968 when Prof. Jan Sbarvik uses it in Timothy John Evans’ analysis of statements.

Where he found the various stylistic markers involved. Evans did not actually give the statement to the Police officers as stated in the trial.

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In the United States there was also the Ernesto Miranda case of 1963. His case led to the creation of Miranda Rights and pushed the focus of forensic linguistics on witness statements rather than Police statements.

Various cases emerged that challenged whether or not the suspects really understood the meaning of their rights leading to different styles of coercive versus voluntary interrogation.

The various types of Polsek, such as Polsek Metro, Polsek Urban, Polsek Rural and Polsek Pra Rural are scattered in regional units with different taskloads and problems, often neglecting aspects of maintenance.

Whereas on the other hand, the community hopes that the Police Headquarters can become a “Safe House” so that there are no unhealthy, unsafe and uncomfortable conditions when they come to the Police Headquarters.

Substantively, there are three areas of application of forensic linguistics in the law enforcement process.

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Namely, first understanding the language of written law. Second, understand the use of language in the forensic and judicial processes. Third, the provision of linguistic evidence.

“So forensic linguistics is a field of applied linguistics that involves the relationship between language, law and crime,” explained Brigadier General Pol. Drs. Thunder.

Based on these facts, continued Brigadier General Guntur, Police / Investigator personnel who have this capability are needed, so that they can understand between legal and linguistic issues as in the cases mentioned above.

The presence of action research on forensic linguistics as an effort to increase the ability of investigators in linguistics is expected to be a solution to solve these problems.

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“With the help of forensic linguistics, it is hoped that an investigator will find it easier to carry out the investigation process from a grammatical aspect, because not many Police investigators know and master it,” added Brigadier General Guntur.

In addition, Brigadier General Guntur also mentioned that the research approach was a mix method approach.

“While the data collection techniques during the study were carried out in two techniques, namely in-depth interviews with key informants and filling out questionnaires to designated respondents,” concluded Brigadier General Guntur.

For your information, the research was conducted from March 1 to March 5, 2021. Led by Kombes Pol Drs. M. Asrul Azis, whose members are AKBP Wadi, with supervisor Budi Triyanto and Iptu Gustika Sitanggang.



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