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New Delhi [India], April 5 (ANI/SRV Media): Back at the start of his career ten years ago, working in the fast-growing internet services companies, Eftekhar knew deep in his mind that dependence on the internet will only rise exponentially and the millions of connected homes and businesses will be needing a practical and robust tool to get the best of internet, minus the threats and dangers it brings along.

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With a deep understanding of IP networking, coupled with his sparkling talent in application networking, Eftekhar U Chy started building the 1st-ever do-it-yourself or DIY internet control and security solution — Audra (With an on-prem appliance, tagged with machine learning backed robust AI-cloud application, which is also conveniently controlled by a mobile app, Audra is definitely THE answer to many homes and small businesses across Asia and beyond. When it comes to internet security, Audra aims to be the right fit for them.

Eftekhar now spearheads the Singapore-based technology entity Dotlines as its CTO. The group continues to bag spectacular growth across continents, with the innovations Eftekhar and his vigorous technology organization bring for the group. The group does business in more than 12 verticals, all powered by its state-of-the-art technology platforms.

“Audra is a key vertical in our group, and it offers a complete suite of solutions across the internet pyramid. It gives efficient protection for ISPs, iron-clad security for enterprises, productivity and safeguarding for small-medium businesses, parental control and threat-prevention for homes, and finally easily-done protection for personal devices”, said Eftekhar.

He informed that 80 per cent of hackers choose Asian SMEs as an easy target because they are well-unprotected. Not only that, 60 per cent of employees spend one-third of their time doing personal stuff, and thus SMEs lose a lot on the productivity side.

He then added, “Asia is thriving on the substantial SME base, and we see they are increasingly getting digitalized. Countries like Indonesia, India are no different. But most of them think they are not vulnerable, find market solutions complex and 90 per cent of them have no IT personnel to manage office network. We at Dotlines, always do purpose-driven innovation, and Audra is an outcome of that philosophy. We built Audra in a way, so that, it is extremely simple to set up (no IT background needed), convenient to set rules for productivity and security of office network (pre-set rules, control from an easy user app in the phone) and affordable for SME owners to own this with no hassle.””India, with its massive base of 60 million MSMEs, need a solid answer to the concerns they have, when it comes to business digitalization. We strongly believe – Audra is the best of the answers. Therefore, with our proven tracks in Indonesia, Malaysia, we are confident, SMEs in India will also adopt the simple, convenient and affordable products and security benefits Audra offers,” concluded Eftekhar.

Audra’s marvel is set around its superbly practical end-user-based design-thinking and highly efficient solution architecture. Its sophisticated machine learning algorithm powers up its Cloud AI, which delivers unprecedented practicality and robustness, when it comes to internet control to bring employee productivity in and push known/unknown cyber threats out.

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