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Disaster Preparedness Poslek Tarokan: Close access to Landslide-Affected Village Roads – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Disaster Preparedness Poslek Tarokan: Close access to Landslide-Affected Village Roads - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Not only floods caused by heavy rains in the last few days. There were also landslides and dozens of fallen trees.

Landslides occurred in Buka Hamlet, Tarokan Village, Tarokan District yesterday (9/3). Resulted in more than half of the road collapsed. About 40 meters long. As a result, the road to the hamlet was closed.

The landslide occurred at around 09.00. There were no casualties in that incident. “Already coordinated with the local village government, Muspika Tarokan, and BPBD Kediri Regency to try to handle road access manually,” said Kapolsek Tarokan, Kediri City Police, Iptu Employee, Hadi, who was contacted yesterday.

Iptu Hadi appealed to residents to use alternative routes. Namely through another hamlet, Dusun Sumberyuyu. “Given that some of the road bodies have collapsed and the condition of the soil, it is not certain that there will be additional landslides or not,” he said.

According to him, blocking the road is the only option. Even though it is closed, the mobility of residents is not disturbed because there are other roads that can be used. “But even then only for motorcyclists,” he added.

Meanwhile, fallen trees occurred in ten points in the Kediri Regency area. Fortunately, there were no casualties in this incident. Even so, the BPBD asked residents to remain vigilant.

“We received reports on the number of fallen trees that occurred during the rainy season. From late afternoon until evening, ”said Head of Emergency, Johan Maras Ponda, yesterday.

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The man who is intimately called Jojo said that one of the fallen trees was on Jalan Pamenang, Sukorejo Village, Ngasem District. The tree about 30 centimeters in diameter covered the road. Resulted in traffic jams from two directions.

BPBD members immediately went to the location. They cut the tree trunk with chainsaws. After the process of cutting the fallen tree was finished, the traffic flow was smooth again. “Yesterday BPBD friends went to the location around 17.30 and finished cutting in about 1 hour,” continued Jojo.

Jojo said that in recent times the rain has often flushed Kediri and its surroundings. He asked the public to be more vigilant. Especially for residents who are on the road to stop and look for a safe shelter. Avoid taking shade under trees. In order to avoid the risk of the tree falling at any time.

“If it rains heavily, just take shelter in a resident’s house or in a safe place. as much as possible avoid taking shade under shady trees, “he advised.

In addition to the cautionary appeal aimed at road users, Jojo also asked residents at home to be careful. Especially those around the house where there are many shady trees. He suggested pruning the branches of the tree. So that when there is a strong wind the tree does not hit the house


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