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For most business owners seeking an edge over their competition, digital marketing quotes play a very important role. These quotes enable you to get in touch with the very people who matter – potential customers. They help you understand what’s on your competitors’ minds, and how they might react when exposed to certain messages. They let you know what message you should set out to transmit to your audience.

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You might be tempted to ask: “What is a digital marketing quote and why should I even bother to get one?” The truth is that they can be incredibly useful in assisting you achieve your goals. Everyone knows that it takes someone like Michael Kaiser, or even Allen Gannett to tell you what’s hot and what’s not. The problem with relying on just one person, however, is that you miss out on all of the great ideas and insights offered by others. Luckily, those who have discovered and put them into practice to know how to offer you exactly what you need in order to succeed.

Take, for example, the concept of marketing quotes. Everyone knows that Albert Einstein said, “I don’t know enough about anything,” and that’s true. For most entrepreneurs and small business owners, though, this statement holds little water. If you want to get ahead, you’ve got to spend significant time getting to know everything about your industry.

There are a number of people whose words are invaluable to Internet marketers. Two such people are Adam Gelberg and Jon Dahlers. The two recently published an eBook, “The Inside Secrets of Creating a Giant Internet Business.” It’s full of insider information on every aspect of Internet marketing. Digital marketing quotes from both men shine through. Here are some examples from the book:

“Do you ever wonder why everybody who comes into your store is so happy with themselves?” -Beth Comstock

“What do salespeople know that the rest of us don’t know?” -Albert E. Ebersole & Company, authors of “How to Be a Great Salesperson” (Penguin Press, 2021) “Just like a pinball machine, if you hit the ball you’ve already won.” -gianna giorgi, “Stop Trying to Make Every Sale a Big sale.” (Having it all come together & turning it all into a big sale.) -gianna giorgi, “The Insider’s Guide to Creating Great Customer Relationships.”

“People are always saying that selling is cheaper than buying. I’d like to see you prove it.” -Allen Gannett, author of “Why Selling is Cheaper Than Buying: The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Understanding Consumer Psychology.” “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” -click Fuller, “Personality and the Making of Marketing.”

“Some of the most famous lines in the history of mankind come from people that didn’t even have a business: George Washington said ‘I have a house, which I live in, and I have a boat, which I use,’ to Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, ‘Liberty has but one aim, and that is to produce the greatest happiness of its inhabitants.’ And lastly, from Matthew McConaughey who said, ‘I got a car, my daughter has a kid, my dog has a puppy…’ These quotes come from people who had no idea that they were talking about their products or services, but because they thought it was a good line or quote, people read it and repeated it.” -Digital Marketing Quotes by David Norton

Digital Marketing Quotes from Michael Brenner and Peter Bain offer insights that will help your business. They are simple quotes with powerful messages that will help you increase sales. For instance, when referring to digital media, they say “The key to Internet marketing success is providing something worth posting to the web – and not just any place, but great places like Facebook.” This is a good marketing tip and one that is easy to understand. They also have a good marketing tip that is a little out of the ordinary, and that is, if you want people to visit your site, you should not post anything on your site until you have engaged them in a conversation – the best way to get people to visit your site is to connect with them. They even suggest putting your URL in your email signature.

The two best digital marketing quotes that come from experts in the digital marketing field include: “If you can think of a problem, solve it, and quickly, you’ve solved yourself a marketing opportunity.” and “It’s important to link with the reader or potential reader so they know that you are giving what they want – then follow through.” These are great tips and if you can follow them, you can make money online easily. When referring to digital media, they also state “In the age of Vine videos and Twitter you need content on a constant basis and that content has to be immediately relevant to the reader.”

The bottom line with these great marketing quotes from experts in the digital media field is this; digital marketing is all about getting the message out. Whether you are using video or you are using articles or you are creating a social networking page, you have to have good content that is entertaining and informative. The reason that many experts use this phrase is that the more content you have, the better your chances of making a sale.


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