Deputy Chief of Police of Sergai Inaugurates Tangguh Village, Tapak Meriah Village – POLRI PRIVATE VISION

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Deputy Chief of Police of Sergai Inaugurates Tangguh Village, Tapak Meriah Village - POLRI PRIVATE VISION

Wakapolres Kompol Sofyan inaugurated Tangguh Village in Tapak Meriah Village, Silinda District, Serdang Bedagai Regency, Wednesday (10/03).

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Also attending the event, the Sergai Regent was represented by the Head of Industry and Trade, Roy Pane, Silinda Esdin Damanik, Head of the Sergai Police, AKP Syarifuddin, Kapolsek Kotarih IPTU D. Panjaitan, Danramil 19 Bangun Purba represented by Bhabinsa, Head of Tapak Mariah Adi Purwono Village, as well as Head of Village Sekecamatan. Silinda.

In the mandate of the Sergai Police Chief AKBP Robin Simatupang which was read by the Deputy Chief of Police, Kompol Sofyan, expressed his gratitude to the Silinda Sub-District Head and Village Head for the formation of Kampung Tangguh in Tapak Mariah Village as an acceleration of resilience and handling of Covid-19, until now we are still struggling to fight the Corona virus which has been hit for about 1 year.

AKBP Robin continued, National Police Chief, General Police Drs. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, M.Si., in the 100 working day program, there are 16 work programs, which at point 14 increase and develop the Kampung Tangguh program for handling Covid-19 in all village / sub-district levels. With the formation of Kampung Tangguh, the area will be tough in handling Covid-19, tough in food security and tough in terms of security.

“Following up on the 100-day work program of the Chief of Police, the North Sumatra Police Chief ordered all areas in North Sumatra to form as many villages as possible into Tangguh Villages to accelerate the handling of Covid-19,” he said.

In this case, AKBP Robin said, himself as the Head of the Sergai Police had conducted a coordination meeting with Forkompinda, the Serdang Bedagai Regency Government to the District and Village / Kelurahan levels and community leaders to create 10 Tangguh Villages in each District.

Meanwhile, the Head of Disperindag Roy Pane represented the Regent of Sergai, in his speech said that the Sergai Regency Government is ready to support the Kampung Tangguh program in Sergai.

This is a national program and the police chief’s direct order for all villages / kelurahan, must be a tough village. Because handling Covid-19 is togetherness from the lower level to all parties, “he said.

Roy invites people to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle, adhere to the 5M health protocol (wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility, “he said.


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