Demand for web developers is expected to increase over the next 10 years

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This coding instruction prepares you for one of the most lucrative jobs on the market

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There is one job sector that has proven to be growth-friendly and pandemic-proof: web development.

If anything, there’s an increased demand for web developers, as e-commerce sales have jumped in 2020 and businesses are transitioning to exclusively-online operations. Even now, there is a fair chance of finding a web developer job in Toronto, according to the Government of Canada’s Job Bank. While 57 per cent of Canadian web developers work in science and tech, nearly a quarter work in sectors such as arts and culture, finance and real estate, and even retail. No matter your business or area of expertise, there is a need for talented web developers in every sector—and it’s something you can accomplish without a computer science degree.

Web development is unique in that you can gain expert-level knowledge from the comfort of your home computer—there’s no need to enroll in on-campus courses or obtain a specific degree. While it can be self-taught, computer programming is so vast and complex that guidance from online classes serves a real benefit to any aspiring programmer. That’s what makes The Complete Web Developer Coding Bundle ideal for 2020 and the year to come: you can learn professional-level programming while staying safe at home, and then you can translate those skills to a lucrative programming job in 2021.

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The Complete Web Developer Coding Bundle features 14 courses that demystify top computer programming languages, such as C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, and Python. While there are comprehensive beginner courses that cover web development at large, there are also classes that explore different languages, such as Python and SQL. Additionally, there are specialized lectures that focus on certain aspects of web development, like the Git and GitHub Essentials tutorial that teaches budding programmers how to track coding errors. For training that covers everything in a web developer’s toolkit, The Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course teaches users how to become true full-stack developers that know design and front- and back-end programming.


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