Controlling Covid 19, Bandung Police Together with 3 Pillars Incessantly Operate Yustisi and Distribute Masks

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Controlling Covid 19, Bandung Police Together with 3 Pillars Incessantly Operate Yustisi and Distribute Masks

Regency. Bandung, -To control covid 19, the Baleendah Police, Bandung Police, West Java Regional Police, together with 3 pillars, carry out a joint justice operation to enforce the Health Protocol Discipline targeting residents who do not comply with health protocols and provide a 5 M appeal to minimize Covid 19 sufferers.

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The operation of the Health Protocol Discipline Enforcement Justice during the implementation of the Micro Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) was carried out in front of the Graha Rancamanyar Complex RW.18, Rancamanyar Village, Kec. Baleendah Kab. Bandung.

The Health Protocols Discipline Enforcement Ops Yustisi activity was carried out by Muspika Kindergarten, Baleendah District. which is led by the Committee for Sabhara 2, the police chief of Ipda Ihat Koswara

West Java Regional Police Head of Public Relations Kombes Pol. Erdi A. Chaniago SIK, M.Si said that in the implementation the officers reprimanded and gave actions in the form of sanctions to vehicle users who did not use masks, as well as appeals and distribution of masks of approximately 500 pieces, to both R2 and R4 vehicle users. to adhere to health protocols to maintain a healthy lifestyle, always use a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands diligently and avoid crowds or crowds and limit mobility to minimize the possibility of the spread of the Corona / COVID 19 virus.

This justisical operation is a routine activity carried out by the Baleendah Police of the Bandung Police of West Java in conjunction with Babinsa and Satpol-PP and in this activity reprimands and imposes push-up penalties for stubborn community members who do not wear masks when doing activities outside the home.

Community members who are supposed to limit activities outside the home At the time the micro PPKM was enforced, they had to adhere to the 5M health protocol such as wearing masks, but there were still residents who violated health protocols by not wearing masks so that the Baleendah Police together with 3 pillars in a humanist way reprimanded and provide push-up penalties

Kapolresta Bandung Polda Jabar Kombes Pol Hendra Kurniawan, SIK, MM through Kapolsek Baleendah AKP Sungkowo, SH, MH said the efforts of the police to minimize Covid 19 sufferers, one of which is carried out by the police with 3 pillars every day as long as Bandung regency is not safe from the Corona virus. Yadi


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