Competency Test for the Open Projab Position of the West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Measuring Work Professionalism

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Uji Kompetensi Projab Terbuka Jabatan Kasetum Polda Jabar,  Mengukur Propesionalisme Kerja

Bandung, -As a step to measure work proportionalism in each position. The West Java Regional Police Human Resources Bureau conducted a competency test for an open position promotion to the West Java Regional Police Headquarters in 2021 which was held at the Herman Sudjadiwirya Hall of the West Java Police Headquarters Thursday (4/03/2021)

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The competency test was attended by five participants, and was attended by internal and external supervisors as a form of transparency in the implementation of the exam.

As a team of examiners, Kasetum Polda Jabar Kombes Pol Eri Kintari, Kasubbag Siptaka, Engkos Kosasih and Kabbag Jarlat SPN Polda Jabar AKBP Drs. Adi Suwarman.

West Java Regional Police Chief of Human Resources, Kombes Pol Solichin who was represented Head of Binkar Polda West Java AKBP Adi Sumirat, S.IK, MH, MM, CPHR accompanied by the Head of the Competency Subdivision. Kompol Dedi Hermayadi, S.IP., M.IP. said the job promotion test was a step for the West Java Police’s HR Bureau to increase competence.

According to Adi, this activity was carried out differently from other appointees.

“We provide opportunities and space to anyone who is a member of the Police who is in the AKBP or Kompol rank who will be promoted to AKBP,” he explained.

Adi said, yesterday we had 7 personnel who had followed two stages of rigmin and managerial competence or assessment center, but there were two people who had not met the requirements, in the flashlight assessment.

“Now, there are five people participating in the field competence,” he said.

For the field competency test, 2 items will be carried out, starting from the NKP exposure test and the competency test for the knowledge fields of the settum. continued Dedi.

“EasyI hope the participants have learned, meanwhile there are about 100 questions for the questions, but the questions are easy and contain content, “he said.

However, Adi added, the participants had to be more careful in choosing which answers were correct, the processing system was through the internet network and the time for processing the questions was limited after the exposure test was completed.

AKBP Adi further said, the Job Promotion competency test is a bureaucratic reform launched by the Government as an effort to make fundamental reforms and changes to the system of government administration, especially regarding aspects of the institution, management and Human Resources (HR) of the apparatus.

In addition, Adi continued, bureaucratic reform is a strategic step to build the state apparatus to be more efficient and effective in carrying out the general tasks of government and national development.

One of the agendas of job reform is an open promotion of office. With an open promotion of positions, it is hoped that later there will be structural officials who are professional, have high competence, have good performance, have integrity, and are in line with the expectations of the organization. He concluded. Yadi


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