Commemorating Isra Mi’raj, Polres Biak Holds Spiritual Guidance – POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

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Commemorating Isra Mi'raj, Polres Biak Holds Spiritual Guidance - POLRI PRIVACY DIVISION

Biak Numfor – Biak Numfor Police carried out spiritual training for personnel in commemoration of Isra Miraj Prophet Muhammad SAW 1442 H / 2021 AD, the activity was held at the Al Hafidz Mosque, Biak Numfor Police, Thursday (18/03/2021).

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Spiritual coaching activities carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic continue to apply health protocols starting from measuring participants’ temperatures and mandatory use of masks.

Head of Sumda AKP M. Amiruddin when met after the activity said that in commemoration of Isra Miraj this year we are holding spiritual coaching activities. The activity took the theme “With the Wisdom of Isra Miraj, the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW, We Improve Discipline of Worship and Work to Create a Precision Police”.

“Through Isra Miraj’s commemoration, it is hoped that it can increase the faith and piety of Polri members, especially at the Biak Numfor Police. Besides that, always follow the attitude and character of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, “said the Head of Sumda.

The spiritual coaching activity was filled with tausiah from KH Ahmad Burhanul Haq and the appearance of the Al Hafidz Mosque Youth Rebana team at the Biak Numfor Police.

At the end of the event, the Biak Numfor Police, through the management of the Al Hafidz Mosque, the Biak Numfor Police, handed over food packages to the children of the Pancasila Orphanage.


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