Cirebon Police Chief Asks for the Covid-19 Task Force to Strengthen 3T

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Cirebon Police Chief Asks for the Covid-19 Task Force to Strengthen 3T

CIREBON, – The Head of Cirebon Police, Kombes Pol M. Syahduddi, SIK, M.Si, asked the Village and Sub-District Covid-19 Handling Task Force in Cirebon Regency to strengthen 3T (Testing, Tracing, and Treatment).

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This was done to control the spread of Covid-19 in every village and sub-district in Cirebon Regency. In addition, monitoring and handling of each case can also be controlled through 3T.

In fact, cases without symptoms or OTG that have the potential to further increase the spread of Covid-19 are also not roaming freely. The reason is, thanks to rapid testing and tracing, patients exposed to Covid-19 are immediately given treatment.

“If each new case is handled immediately and the tracing and testing are fast, the development of Covid-19 can be controlled even though the number is increasing,” said Syahduddi, while reviewing the PPKM Mikro Posko in Tukmudal and Talun Villages, Saturday (27/2/2021).

He said that the dangerous condition is the lack of cases in an area due to less than optimal testing and tracing. In fact, such conditions have the potential to expand the spread of Covid-19 because it is not known who was exposed.

Therefore, Syahduddi asked all elements involved in the Tukmudal and Talun Village Covid-19 Handling Task Force to determine the close contact of each patient who was confirmed positive for the corona virus.

Later, all these close contacts are subjected to a swab test to confirm their condition. In fact, Syahduddi said the more close contacts found in each case, the better.

“There were 20-30 people immediately tested so that the results could be known, and when there were those who were positive, they were immediately treated. The treatment is also different between symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, “explained Syahduddi.

He also advised the Tukmudal and Ciperna Village Covid-19 Handling Task Force to continue to improve close contact tracing of Covid-19 patients with surveillance officers at the puskesmas, Babinsa, Bhabinkamtibmas, and others.

Syahduddi asked not only to record data on the number of patients confirmed positive for Covid-19 in their respective regions. However, the close contacts that were recorded and how many had been tested were also listed at the PPKM Mikro Posko Tukmudal and Ciperna Villages.

“The current concept of data is good, we just need to complete it so that it is synchronized with the concept. Stay enthusiastic about working for the people of Cirebon Regency, “said Syahduddi. (pur)


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