Cirebon City Police Chief Increases Combined Yustisi Ops for Each Function

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Cirebon City Police Chief Increases Combined Yustisi Ops for Each Function

CIREBON CITY, – The joint picket patrols function in the context of anticipating criminal acts, fights between youth groups, acts of terrorism and preventing the spread of Covid-19 are promoted by the Cirebon City Police Chief.

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On Monday morning (15/3/2021) at 00.30 WIB, the activity took place from the Cirebon City Police Headquarters – Jl. Cemara – Jl. Sisingamangaraja – Jl. Benteng – (BAT Building) – Jl. Talang – Jl. Merdeka – Jl. Kasepuhan – (Kasepuhan Square) – Jl. Pulasaren – Jl. Lawanggada – Jl. Kesambi – Jl. Dr. Sudarsono – Jl. Pemuda – Bima Stadium – Jl. Yudhasari – Jl. Perjuangan – (in front of Living Plaza) – Jl. Brigjen Darsono – Bunderan kedawung – Jl. Tuparev – Jl. Wahidin – Jl. Slamet Riyadi / Tangkil – Jl. Siliwangi – Jl. Veteran.

The apples were held in the courtyard of the Cirebon City Police Station, Jl. Veteran Number 05 Cirebon City, in order to create conditions targeting crowds, restaurants, malls, stalls, terminals,

stations and vital objects, with the person in charge of the activities of the Cirebon City Police Chief AKBP Imron Ermawan.

In a separate place, the Head of Cirebon City Police, AKBP Imron Ermawan, through IPDA Wahyu Hidayat said that tonight’s activity to implement the 5M health protocol appeal as currently implemented requires patience.

“Not a few people refuse to disperse. However, along with this, patience is needed for the joint operational picket function apparatus to carry out the government’s mandate, “he explained.

“We will intensely carry out patrols, sweeping and appeals about Health Protocols, especially 5M, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap and running water, maintaining distance, moving away from crowds and limiting mobilization and interaction,” said IPDA Wahyu Hidayat.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sub Division of Public Relations, Iptu Ngatidja, said that this activity was attended by Iptu Sigit, Ipda Andi Guritno, 18 people from the joint picket function.

“From the results of the Ops Yustisi patrol, the officers reprimanded 15 people who did not use masks properly. We also distributed 10 pieces of masks, “said Ngatidja. (Pur)


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