Cirebon City Police Chief Handed Over Aid to the Daufa

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Cirebon City Police Chief Handed Over Aid to the Daufa

CIREBON CITY, – One of the most popular Cirebon titi systems is “Ingsun Titip Tajug Lan Fakir Miskin”, which is believed to be the word of Sunan Gunung Jati. “It means, ‘I entrust the mosque and the poor’. That’s a short sentence plastered in one corner of the grave area of ​​Syekh Syarif Hidayatullah or Sunan Gunung Jati in Cirebon, precisely on the porch wall of the Great Mosque of Gunung Jati.

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Kapolres Cirebon Kota, AKBP Imron Ermawan, a personal figure of the former Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the East Jakarta Police, originally born in Pasuruan, carried out the Cirebon titi system which is believed to be the last will of Sunan Gunung Jati shortly before his death. Imron also established a relationship with the daufa in Kertasura Village, Kapetakan, Cirebon, Monday (15/3/2021) at around 17.00 WIB.

Imron through the Head of Public Relations of the Cirebon City Police, Iptu Ngatidja, said that gathering together with the people is a social activity and a form of the National Police’s preventive approach to the community in two villages that often fight.

“As the Head of the Cirebon City Police, we appealed to our efforts to keep in touch with the duafa, the members of the community, especially the villages of Kertasura and Suranenggala, be able to appreciate the performance of the police in order to create a situation of kinship and intimacy in order to create comfort in life as a nation and state,” he said.

The recipients of alms from the Head of the Cirebon City Police include Kasib (86 years), Tayim (73), Mukarim (64), and Utari (70).

In the gathering of the Head of Cirebon City Police, AKBP Imron Ermawan was pleased to also provide alms in the form of a package of basic necessities and a box of staple food. (Pur)


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