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Ciamis Police Precinct Give Award to Outstanding Personnel

Polres Ciamis Berikan Penghargaan kepada Personel Berprestasi


Ciamis, –The West Java Police Ciamis Police give awards to outstanding personnel for their performance in maintaining security and public order at the place of duty.

This award was given in a ceremony at the Ciamis Polda Jabar Police Headquarters yard, Jalan Jend. Sudirman No.271, Sindangrasa, Ciamis District, Ciamis Regency, West Java, Monday (15 March 2021).

The award ceremony was chaired directly by the West Java Police Head of Ciamis Police AKBP Hendria Lesmana, SIK, M.Sc., and was attended by all Ciamis Police Main Officials. The giving of this award was also witnessed by representatives of all functional units of the Ciamis Polda Jabar Police.

Kapolres Ciamis Polda Jabar AKBP Hendria Lesmana, SIK, M.Sc., said this award was a form of gratitude from the leadership to personnel thanks to the dedication and performance achievements given to the unit. So that it is hoped that it can motivate other personnel in carrying out their duties as state servants.

“I would like to thank two members of the Sukadana Police, namely Aipda Rahmat and Briptu Rizki Kurniawan, who have succeeded in thwarting the ATM burglary in the area where they are on duty. So that the situation and conditions at the place of duty remain safe and conducive, “said AKBP Hendria.

On that occasion, AKBP Hendria advised not to be complacent with the achievements that have been achieved. Maintain your good achievements and performance.

“To other personnel, at least they can imitate this good activity, in order to bring the name of the National Police institution to the community,” said AKBP Hendria.

In addition, AKBP Hendria invites all personnel to always maintain health in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Always apply the 5M to wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, limit mobility and avoid crowds.

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“I ask personnel to maintain their health by eating, drinking and getting adequate and regular rest, because the Covid-19 outbreak is still hitting our territory and its surroundings,” he said.

The implementation of this ceremony continues to prioritize the Covid-19 prevention health protocol. Such as always using masks and maintaining distance and limiting the number of members present. Yadi



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