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Bunta Polsek Personnel of Bersedekah, How to Get Closer to the Community – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Bunta Polsek Personnel of Bersedekah, How to Get Closer to the Community - POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

[ad_1], Polda Central Sulawesi, Polres Banggai, Polsek Bunta – Bunta Police personnel routinely carry out the Banggai Police Chief AKBP Satria Adrie Vibrianto SIK, MH program, namely “Monday Almsgiving”. In this activity, members handed over aid in the form of basic food packages to two duafa, Monday (8/3/2021).

Kapolsek Bunta Iptu Nanang Afrioko SH, MH, said that this Monday giving alms is a routine activity held every week aimed at fostering empathy for Polri members, especially the Banggai Police, towards the less fortunate surrounding communities.

“Today we handed over two basic food packages to two residents, namely Grandma Anima Baci (72) and Grandpa Abdul Rahman, a resident of Bunta I Village, Bunta District,” said Iptu Nanang.

Iptu Nanang said that the basic food packages that were handed over came from the results of the members’ collection, which then bought them and handed over to people with low economies.

“Hopefully the alms that we do can be useful and get the blessing of Allah SWT,” hoped Iptu Nanang.

Separately, the Head of Banggai Police, AKBP Satria Adrie Vibrianto SIK, MH, said that the benefits of alms are not only able to ease the burden on those who receive them, but also benefit the survival of those who give them.

“And sharing with those who are more in need will not reduce our wealth, in fact, by sharing our fortune will increase,” said this two jasmine officer.

Therefore, the former Deputy Chief of Police, Sidrap Polda of South Sulawesi, invited all members to be diligent in giving alms and to care more about others.

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“Because alms are proof of human faith and obedience to Allah SWT,” concluded AKBP Satria. *Public Relations of Banggai Police



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