Brigadier Antonius Invites Kaling and RT to Reactivate Siskamling – POLRI’s Public Relations Division

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Brigadier Antonius Invites Kaling and RT to Reactivate Siskamling - POLRI's Public Relations Division

Bacaan Lainnya (Babel) Bhabinkamtibmas Koba Village, Brigadier Antonius invited the Head of Environment (Kaling) and Head of Neighborhood Association (RT) in Koba Village to reactivate the activities of the Environmental Security System (Sikamling).

“Let us reactivate this Siskamling activity,” said Brigadier Antonius in front of 24 people consisting of Kaling and Heads of RTs in Koba Village, Koba District, Central Bangka (Bateng), Tuesday morning (16/03/2021).

Brigadier Antonius said that currently the positions of Kaling and the head of the RT were new people. Through this new spirit, he will invite the spearhead of the development of the security sector in Koba Village to activate the Siskamling activity. “The environment is safe, the community is calm,” he said.

According to Brigadier Antonius, the Siskamling activity is also a place to strengthen friendship among the community. Indirectly, the community gathers while discussing the situation around them. “If there are problems related to security, with the existence of a security system, it will be resolved quickly,” he said.

He hopes that each RT has a Siskamling Post or at least a place for community gathering at night according to schedule. “We, from the Police, together with the Army, are ready to back up these siskamling activities,” he said.

Head of Koba Urban Village, Sapril Herlambang, appreciated the routine activities of Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa of Koba Village. Kelurahan Koba has 20 RTs and 4 Neighborhood Heads. “We Koba Urban Village will support it through the existing budget,” concluded Sapril.


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