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Binrohtal Brimob West Java, Ustadz Evie Efendi “5 Kinds of Favors from God for which we should be grateful”

Binrohtal Brimob Jabar, Ustadz Evie Efendi “5 Macam Nikmat ALLAH yang Harus Kita Syukuri”

Lembang – Members of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit led by the Brimob Dansat Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, held a Spiritual and Mental Development (Binrohtal) activity at the An Nur Mako Mosque Battalion B Pelopor, Jl. Tangkuban Perahu No. 598, Cikole Village, Kec. Lembang. Friday (05/03/2021).

These activities are carried out routinely every week after Friday prayers.

The activity was attended by Danyon B Pioneering Police Commissioner Maman Ismail, A.Md., the main officials, as well as all personnel of the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Pioneer Battalion B.

The Tausiyah at the Binrohtal event this time was filled by Ustaz Evie Effendi with a short Tausiah with the theme “5 Kinds of Favors of Allah for which We Should be Thankful”

“There are many ways to give thanks for Allah’s blessings to us. For example, how are we grateful for the sustenance bestowed upon us? one of them is by spending our assets in the right way, giving zakat, giving alms, etc. which are blessed by Allah.

“If we are given health, give thanks by maintaining health, protecting the body and limbs from things that can damage our body or our own bodies”.

“Broadly speaking, there are five blessings of Allah SWT that we must be grateful for.
Are as follows:

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1. Favors Fitriyah.
Favors Fitriyah is a blessing that is in us or our personal. For example: Allah gave us this life, hands, feet, beautiful face, eyes, ears and other body parts. This is something we should be grateful for. And do not be arrogant if we are given an attractive appearance. Thank God that it is a gift given by Allah solely for good things.

2. Favors Ikhtiyariyah.
These favors are in the form of favors that we get for our efforts. For example: a lot of assets, high position, a lot of knowledge, great influence, position, position, land, cars and others that we get for our efforts. This deliciousness we should be grateful for. Donate the wealth that we have and use it in a way that is blessed by God. If you become a leader with a high position, don’t use that position wrong, because it will all be held accountable by Allah SWT.

3. Favors Alamah.
Enjoy the nature around us. We cannot live if Allah does not provide this natural blessing. For example: Water, Air, Land and others. Let us be grateful for all of this by protecting this nature from destruction. Keeping the air from being polluted, planting lots of trees and so on.

4. Enjoy Diiniyah.
Favors Diiniyah is the blessing of Islam. Favors of Faith. Imagine if we were not born from the womb of a Muslimah? Maybe this time we become infidels. So, be thankful for the divine blessings that Allah has given us by carrying out religious orders and staying away from the prohibitions of Allah SWT.

5. Favors Ukhrowiyah.
Favors Ukhrowi is delicious in the hereafter.
This Nikamt is what we will learn later if it has been judged at Yaumil Mahsyar.
This pleasure depends on what we do in this world. If all of the above favors we have received and we are grateful for them well, then this ukhrowi blessings will be what we will get and feel when we are in the afterlife.

“We have to realize that life in this world is only temporary. There is a time limit that has been determined by Allah and when the time comes, we will all die. Likewise, the blessings given by Allah are not ours, but ours. So it is appropriate for us to guard and be grateful for the “deposit” because one day it will all be returned to Allah SWT, “said Evie.

At the same place, Dansat Brimob Polda Jabar Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, said, “Carrying out tasks with gratitude and sincerity is needed by every member of the Police and can be used as a part of worship. The goal is to increase faith and piety to Allah SWT in carrying out the task of serving the community, “said Yuri Karsono.

The other side of this activity is in addition to getting closer to the Almighty and fostering a sense of faith and devotion to God Almighty, it also increases awareness and forms a character that can attract sympathy and gain public trust.

Yuri Karsono also said, “This activity is a forum for shaping the character of Brimob Polda Jabar to become more humane in serving the community, so that the image of the Police will be better with the hope that the implementation of their duties can be accounted for according to their duties”.

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“In addition, the objective of carrying out the Binrohtal activity is to be positive for Polri members to provide spiritual and moral inspiration for each member to become better and become a means of self-control,” concluded Yuri Karsono. Yadi


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