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Bill Nye swears, and Microsoft Windows is cursed, in new promotion videos for Google’s Chromebook

Bill Nye swears, and Microsoft Windows is cursed, in new promotion videos for Google’s Chromebook


Bill Nye in a new video for Chromebook. (Google Photo)

Bill Nye is cursing (again) in the name of climate change. But this time he’s swearing by the need to change out your laptop, specifically for Google’s Chromebook — and in the process he’s taking shots at Microsoft Windows.

In a new Instagram post, Nye, the famed Science Guy, drops a bleeped f-bomb while making the case for why it’s important for humans to change their habits to combat global warming. While Nye is famously heated about his beliefs around climate science, the salty Instagram language is a play on his rant earlier this year for HBO’s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.”

Nye, the onetime Boeing engineer and host of a PBS children’s show in the 1990s, is serving as a pitchman for Chromebook as Google launched a video series (on YouTube, obviously) called “The Science of Switching.”

The content from Chromebook’s marketing team and digital studio Portal A is meant to demonstrate how the power of switching — to new behaviors, new ideas, and even new devices — can change our lives in ways big and small.

Microsoft doesn’t get a mention by name in the first video, but the tech giant sure does make a cameo.

“Fear of loss can cause irrational attachment to things familiar to us,” Nye says at the 1:40 mark of the video, before he leans on a beat up old car sporting a WNDWS vanity license plate. “Ah, my old friend, we’ve been through a lot together,” Nye says to the car, patting it on the hood and causing its bumper to fall off. “There’s constant updates, patches, it never ends. Not to mention it takes forever to start up. And it won’t be long before it freezes. Or worse.”

The car’s bumper then falls off again and it’s engulfed in a cloud of smoke.

“When you switch to Chromebook, which starts up fast and updates automatically with no interruptions, you don’t have to worry about any of that,” Nye says. “Remember, when we overcome our fears we can accomplish great things. So don’t let fear win, switch to Chromebook.”

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