Astuto Technologies helps green industries on Cape Cod address IT needs

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Hernani Del Giudice has focused his business, Astuto Technologies, on servicing the IT needs of landscaping companies and other local businesses. A native of the Dominican Republic, Del Giudice started the company upon taking work as a landscaper on the Cape in 2018.

Hernani Del Giudice faced three big challenges upon his journey from the Dominican Republic to America: getting through immigration, learning the English language and finding a job.

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It took three years before Del Giudice could get into the country after marrying his American-born wife, Alexis Mahon. But English didn’t come easily to him, he recalled.

“It’s so difficult,” he said.

His wife works with him constantly, and he’s joined the Outermost Toast, a Toastmasters club that meets in Wellfleet. The Toastmasters is an international group that emphasizes public speaking, and Del Giudice says club members have helped him tremendously. 

Language has been a barrier in more ways than one. Having worked in the information technology field for 14 years in the Dominican Republic, he struggled to find a job upon arriving in the States.


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