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Anticipating Flood Disaster, the West Java Mobile Brigade SAR Team Patrols the Post-Rain River

Anticipating Flood Disaster, the West Java Mobile Brigade SAR Team Patrols the Post-Rain River


Cianjur, Friday (19/03/2021) Members of the SAR Team of the Pioneer Battalion B under the leadership of Briptu Eka Hadi carried out a water discharge check after heavy rains that hit the Cianjur Regency area.

Responding to natural phenomena related to high rainfall that causes flooding due to overflowing rivers, one of the routine activities carried out is by conducting patrols to directly observe the level of water discharge.

In his patrol activities, Briptu Eka Hadi carried out patrols to the river in the Gadog Village area to be precise in the Balakang village to find out the development of river water discharge after heavy rain in the past few days.

“This patrol activity in areas prone to flooding is carried out as a form of response to disasters that may occur at any time,” said Briptu Eka Hadi.

From the results of monitoring by the SAR team of Company 3 Battalion B Pelopor, even though the rain was still pouring, the level of water discharge was still within normal limits and had no potential to cause flooding.

Meanwhile, in a separate location, the West Java Police Mobile Brigade Commander, Kombes Pol. Yuri Karsono, SIK, said, “West Java Mobile Brigade has always alerted the SAR team as a form of accelerated service to the community in anticipating disasters that occur in the West Java region,” he said.

Yuri Karsono also added, “We also carry out regular patrols to check places or areas that can cause natural disasters such as floods or landslides which in recent weeks the weather has been so extreme, therefore the community remains cautious and always. alert “, he said. Yadi

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