7 must-do activities to climb up in CBSE Boards 2021

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New Delhi [India], April 15 (ANI/Mediawire): Board exams hold strong significance in a student’s life as they are meant to be the gateway of opportunities. Nearly 18 lakh candidates appear for CBSE Class 10 and approximately 12 lakh for Class 12 board exams every year. This year due to coronavirus pandemic, CBSE has cancelled Class 10th board exams. Class 12th board exams have been postponed.

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This may help those students who were looking for more time to prepare. But those who were completely ready to take the exam might lose interest in the preparation. Since there is no decision on the cancellation of the Class 12 exam yet, students should not deviate from their studies.

With the extended time in hand, Class 12 students should revise from short notes, solve sample papers and previous years’ questions. They have enough time to study for the competitive exams as well.

Here, we are sharing seven must-do activities to do while preparing for CBSE boards 2021 to achieve the targeted aim. This will keep them motivated.


Buy Concept Maps to boost your revision:What these books offer: One page summary of a complete chapter in the form of linking concepts and creating a mind map.

2. Find out important questions in a chapter: Check how many questions came repeatedly from a chapter in the last 10 years of CBSE board exams. How you will do it? The answer is MTG 10 Years CBSE Champion chapter-wise topic-wise books. These books have all the questions (All India Board, Delhi Board, Foreign and Compartmental Exams) segregated in a chapter-wise and topic-wise manner for easy preparation. Also, the graphical analysis given at the starting of every chapter shows the weightage of the topic. This will give you the idea of an important topic on which you need to give more emphasis. Solved previous year’s questions from experts explain the best way to answer the questions and writing them in exams.

Buy CBSE Champion to be a Champion in CBSE Boards:What these books offer: Concise synopsis, topic-wise graphical analysis of the frequency of questions appeared in previous 10 years from topics, covering all papers – All India Boards, Delhi Boards, Foreign CBSE Papers, Compartment CBSE Papers.

3. Practice and self analyse: It is strictly recommended to self-analyse preparation to know where you lack. You can do it by solving sample papers designed exactly based on the blueprint of the CBSE board exam. MTG 21 ScoreMore Sample papers contain Model Question Papers based on the exam pattern of upcoming boards exams. Practising from these sample papers in exam like environment in a stipulated time period of three hours will definitely help you to get an extra edge in your CBSE preparations.

Buy Score More Sample Papers Based on Latest Pattern:What these books offer: 21 sample papers based on the latest CBSE blueprint, performance report, detailed answers.

4. Be prepared for the recent change: CBSE has introduced some case study/analytical paragraph writing/source-based questions in all subjects in class 10 and 12. These questions are not available in the existing books available in the market in sufficient number to practice. Understanding the need, MTG has released special books where hundreds of such questions have been offered, so students can do adequate practice.

Buy Score More Case Study Based Questions:What these books offer: More than 550 questions based on the latest introduced pattern by CBSE – case study/analytical paragraph writing/source-based questions. Total 2900 practice questions in Class 12 – Physics, Chemistry, MathsBiology and 1800 in Class 10 – Maths, Science, English and SSt.

5. Clear doubts with friendsteachers: The best way to deal with a tough topic is to do a group study with friends or asking teachers. Never leave an important topic without clearing it; sometimes many more topics are related to that one single topic. So, it is always recommended not to leave an important topic to avoid confusion in other topics. Clarity of concept will fetch you more marks in the main exam.

6. NCERT textbook and exemplar is a must: NCERT is the base book for CBSE boards exams. Most of the questions in CBSE boards come from the exercises given at the end of the NCERT textbooks and exemplar. You must revise from NCERT solutions and NCERT exemplar solutions.

Buy NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Solutions:7. Practice how to write an answer: No matter how much you have learned, it is important to deliver a readable and easy-to-understand answer script for the boards. As you know that examiners won’t give any extra attention to read and understand your answer booklet if it is not legible, you must practice writing the answer according to the weightage of the questions.

Finally, consistency and revision could help score high on the scoreboard and secure your place among top performers even if you have studied in your last months. So, give proper space for revision in your schedule. Also, don’t hesitate to take reference of best resources provided by MTG Books in the form of CBSE Champion Previous years papers, score more sample papers, score more case study questions (based on new pattern questions) and NCERT textbooks and exemplar questions. It will save your time from navigating one book to another and provide you with all the topics in a subject in one place.

Buy Books for CBSE Boards/NEET/JEE:During this pandemic time, don’t let the anxiety affect your mental and physical health. Stay calm, practice meditation and focus on your studies. Wishing you all the best.

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