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A cybersecurity company, office furniture seller, and an insurance company bought domain names.

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Sedo had a couple of domain name sales this week that I really want to know who bought them. It’s not clear yet, but keep an eye on ThisDoesntSuck.com ($10,000) and Burn.art ($12,500).

Here’s what I dug up for recent end user sales at Sedo. (You can view previous lists like this here.)

Defendable.com $30,000 – Norwegian cyber-security company Defendable forwards this domain to Defendable.no.

DogBones.com $15,000 – Whois shows Studio Ventures, LLC in Colorado is the owner. The founder has a number of companies.

FifthLane.com $11,500 – Fifth Lane is a registered investment advisor in Austin.

HomeOffice24.com $9,998 – Office furniture company büromöbelonline GmbH bought this domain.

Waurig.com €7,800 – Waurig GmbH, a German specialty food supplier specializing in Italian gourmet food products, forwards this domain to its website at Waurig-gmbh.com.

Zelisko.com $5,500 – Knorr-Bremse AG, a German manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles, bought this domain for its subsidiary Zelisko. The subsidiary uses the domain name Zelisko.at.

EverSurance.com $4,299 – Online insurance marketplace Everquote bought this domain.

CuspCapital.com $3,499 – TEV Management GmbH bought this domain. It’s an alternative investment fund manager.

Louis.biz £2,888 – German motorcycle apparel and accessories retailer Detlev Louis Motorradvertriebs GmbH bought this domain. Its website is Louis.de.

HandyNummer.ch €2,880 – The buyer is a German service provider that sells phone numbers. It has various levels (bronze, silver, gold) reflecting the quality of the phone number.

Lexcom.com €2,700 – Lexcom Systems Group, Inc. bought this domain. It’s a Canadian managed IT services firm. It uses the domain Lexcom.ca.

1616.org €2,500 – The domain is registered to Ladd Foundation. This is a charitable organization founded by former NHL hockey player Andrew Ladd focused on issues impacting the health and wellbeing of young people, such as disabilities, illness, mental health and poverty. His jersey number was 16.

InfluenceHub.com $2,000 – Whois shows Bureau Zuidema B.V. I believe its website is Zuidema.nl, which offers a service to help people develop skills and their influence.

CadeauOriginal.com €2,000 – Cadeau Original is a French site offering gift suggestions.




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